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  I Feel Like a Failure Prayer


Feeling unhappy?


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I Feel Like a Failure Prayer


Feeling unhappy?


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I Feel Like a Failure Prayer


Feeling unhappy?


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"Lord please help me!" by Minister Jewel Diamond Taylor


Lord God Please help me…

to find the strength to get up when I just want to give up. 

to hold on even though I have fears about my (e. g. home, job, family, health, car) 

to trust You Lord even though my stress, drama and fears are so overwhelming           

to not give up even though life seems so shaky and uncertain          

to speak up the next time he/she disrespects or abuses me. 

to guard my heart from depression, shame, guilt and toxic people

to guard myself from family/friends who challenge my trust, faith, time and money. 

to be grateful and show up for my job even though I may not enjoy it. 

to be a good provider for myself and my family with less stress and struggle. 

to resist my addictions (e.g.. shoes, food, alcohol, drugs, shopping,

gambling, bad relationships, porn, etc.) 

to say “no” to things that can destroy my life, health and relationships

to discover and develop my special anointed gifts, talents and purpose. 

to be successful in my business and leadership roles. 

to meet the right people who can enrich and better my life. 

to fill my lonely hours with productivity, peace and wholeness. 

to forgive and let go of my pain, bitterness and anger. 

to heal my grieving heart for the ones I have lost and miss so much. 

to stop worrying about my loved ones in trouble, the war, hospital or prison.

to endure and keep my faith as I wait for my miracle. 

to remember, that spite of it all, I am, too blessed to be stressed. 

to remember that You are the source of supply. 

to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. 

to keep pressing toward my mark of a higher calling. 

to stay in the light to see You more clearly, follow You nearly and love You more dearly. 

           by Jewel Diamond Taylor, Minister, Conference Keynotes Speaker, author and

              Founder of Women on the Grow

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Help me Lord to pray......

Lord I thank you for new mercies, new strength and a new day.

As I experience the trials, tests and tribulations of life, help me to stay in peace rather than fall to pieces.

Help me not to throw away my confidence in Your love, mercy, grace, peace, and deliverance.  There a days when I feel strong, resilient and focused.  I see at times a window of progress and peace opening.   And yet there are times I feel impatient waiting for a breakthrough.  I wait.  I watch.  I wonder when, why, who and how?

I feel like I am on a spiritual wait watcher's program.  I need strength to persevere and have patience to wait for your divine timing in my life.

There are voices without and within causing me to think that I am defeated, unworthy and forgotten.  Lord I want to grow in my patience, faith, inner peace and wisdom.

I press each day to see results in my finances, family, health, daily demands, career and my purpose.   I give you thanks in advance as I renew my faith and resolve to wait and win.  I believe in your Word that You, Holy Spirit, are a rewarder of our faith.  Today I take back my power to speak, think and act with authority, clarity and joy.  I know my words have power, so I remember today that I possess what I confess. 

I confess that I am a child of God empowered by His grace and love to be an overcomer.  I confess with my lips that I am healthy, wealthy, divine, blessed, guided and provided for each day.  I confess that I can walk by faith and not by sight.  I may not see or understand your mysterious ways or divine delays.  Yet I wait and depend on you Lord for your strength and guidance.  The past has passed.  Every day I am learning to trust and wait for the divine unfolding of my life and destiny. Right now I am still and stand on your word and not my worries. AMEN and SO IT IS

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. - Isaiah 40:31

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him - Jeremiah 3:25 

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart - Psalm 27:14

 in the LORD and do good.  Then you will live safely in the land and prosper. Psalm 37:3  

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. (Proverb 4:23)

Guard your heart and emotions.  When you experience struggle, lack, shame, rejection and setbacks, these life experiences can shatter your sense of worth and hope.  A season of drought can cause self-doubt and drain you of your strength.

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You can't hurry God or take short cuts.  You don't want to compromise your character or lose your faith, lose your way, lose your mind or lose your patience.  When things go wrong, you don't have to go wrong with them.   Looking for love, comfort or a hiding place in someone's bed, a bottle, food, drugs, excessive spending, anger or isolation are not the solution.   Learn how to respond to stress and changes in your life with courage, optimism and prayer.  Count your blessings.  Go on a fast.  Get outdoors.  Go for a walk.  Enjoy some uplifting music.   Don't call up the "energy vampires" (you know those negative people who drain your faith, peace and strength).  Take your attention off yourself and encourage someone else today.  Place your attention on solutions, faith and action. Alter your thinking by laying your problems on the altar.   Be encouraged and resilient.  Some situations are beyond your control.

 "Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart" (Psalm 31:24). 

Surrendering and being still until your storm passes is not a sign of weakness.  Sometimes it's the best and only thing to do.


Are you tired of feeling beat up, beat down, exhausted chasing money and dreams?

Are you tired of being one of the rats in the rat race?

Are you tired of sitting in God's waiting room wondering when your next blessing and breakthrough will come?

Are you tired of watching and listening to the news full of violence, depressing stories and world news?

Are you tired of wondering ...When?   Why?  Who?  What to do?  and  How will I get through?

Are you tired of fighting with your own family?

Are you tired of traffic, long lines, bills, disappointments, injustice and this broken economy?

Well shake the dust of your feet.  Make a decision that you will live and not die.

Make a decision that you will stay in the game.

Make a decision to keep pressing in spite of your stressing.

Hold up your hands and count your blessings.

Stand up on your feet and stretch your hands to the Lord and say "I will praise you any how!"

Take a deep breath and get back up with a resolve of faith, trust, humility and determination in your spirit.

Serve notice to the enemy... 

"YES, I did want to give up, but I'm back.  Yes, I'm still here.  Yes, I am a conqueror. 

Yes, I am blessed. Yes, I can do this. 

Yes, I'm tired but still inspired.  Yes, I am disappointed, but I am anointed by God to do great things.   

Yes, I have been complaining and whining, but I now focus on being a winner as I run my race.

Yes, I feel lost at times, but God's amazing grace always finds me. 

Yes, I don't always have patience or understand the mysteries of life, but I will no longer lean on my own understanding.    

Yes, my body does feel weary and I know it's because I'm lacking faith and joy.  I'm learning to let go of my worries and get good sleep, exercise and have a sense of humor when life doesn't seem to make sense.

Yes, I realize I cannot fix, change or save my loved ones.  I give them and my issues back to God.

Yes, I realize now that I cannot afford to be around toxic, negative and limited thinking people because they add to my fears and defeat my faith.

Yes, I do get tired of waiting.  But I am renewed in my faith to remember, "They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary" Isaiah 40:31

Yes, I may not like where I work or live, but I know through gratitude, faith and action, my change will come.

Yes, I made some wrong turns, but I repent and turn back to God for guidance and strength.  

Yes, enemy you are a liar.  I am blessed.  I am forgiven.  I am destined to do great things.   God is still on the throne.  God's love endures forever.  Yes, He will never forsake or leave me.  Yes, I am covered by His mercy and grace as long as I keep my eye, mind, heart and soul stayed on His promises.

Yes, I have been depressed but I now confess and express my love, gratitude and trust in the Lord for my provision, power and peace."


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