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You're Too Blessed To Be Stressed by Jewel Diamond Taylor



Some days are easy and some days are hard.  Today you may feel the peace of God or you may feel like your life is falling to pieces.  Today you may feel like you have it all together.  Or you may feel like things are falling apart.

Life brings both unspeakable pain and unspeakable joy.  Life is full of surprises, struggle, success and sadness.   Some things you can't change.  Some things you can't control.  Some things you can't avoid.  Some things you can't understand. 


But there are things you can endure.  Some things you can change.  Some things you can avoid.  Some things you can start.  Do the best you can with what you have right where you are.  Learn ways to strengthen yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.  Your change and breakthrough can happen anytime.  Reading and listening to messages of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment are effective ways to create more peace and success in your life.  Keep growing!

You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed (self-published book). What a blessing!  What a treasure collection of scriptures, prayers, stress coping tips and inspiring messages to remind you that it is a choice to rejoice!

Learn how to develop an attitude of gratitude in spite of the life challenges you may experience.  Stress is a silent killer and a joy stealer.  This makes a great gift for yourself and for those you care about.  Keep it near at work, home, briefcase or in your car.  It is a great emotional and spiritual faith-lift helping you cope with adversity and the daily pressures of life, family, faith, finances and work. Get equipped... so you can't be whipped by the enemy!

Get your copy today by sending a $15 money order to:

J. D. Taylor, 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709

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$15 includes shipping


Topics covered include:



How to let go and let God

Increase your faith

Crisis Stoppers

How to Stop Worrying

Great tips to de-stress yourself

Slippin' into darkness 

23rd Psalm for busy people

I Won't Complain

How to heal the grief of loss

How to heal your grief and sorrow

Common Mistakes in Relationships that cause stress

Life is Difficult and Divine

Snap Out of It

You're Gonna Make It

Don't Listen to Fear

Stop and Exhale

Heartaches and Breakups

Get Back Up Again

Inner Fitness Program

You Will Survive

Cycles and Seasons

Poverty Sucks

Stress reducing scriptures, and so much more.


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