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Praying for a New Home

Thank you Lord for hearing and responding to my prayer for my housing situation.

I release my anxiety and fears and focus on my faith in your power and provision.   I stand on my faith believing that my housing needs of a beautiful place to live with _________bedrooms, ________________ and ____________________ will be realized.

Thank you for placing me in the right place at the right time to meet the

right people.  I thank you God in advance for how You can work this

out.  All that the Father hath for me is mine and I take possession of what

belongs to me with a swiftness, gratitude and confidence.  

I believe as I speak these words, that You, Father God,

go before me preparing a way.

I have no fear, for You are with me - my peace, my protection and my provision. 

Thank You for placing heavenly and earthly angels in my life to guide me. 

I believe what You have done for others, You can do for me.  Grant me favor so that I may learn soon of approval of my place to live. 

I will share Your goodness with others so they may know of Your power and glory.

I trust your promise from 1 Corinthians 2:9 "that no eye has seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him."  So I will dream big and keep my worries small.

I feel better, encouraged and ready now for my breakthrough.  Thank You Lord for being the center of my JOY and the source of my great new home! Amen                

by Minister Jewel Diamond Taylor

watch video below to hear a brief testimony from Denise who printed out

this "new home" prayer


"Jewel I just moved into my house (4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful kitchen with an island, basement, & large back yard). I had been living in an apartment for 36 years. 
I printed out your "house prayer", prayed it, listed what I wanted and placed it in my bible in Ephesians 3:20 and GOD worked it out ó HALLELUJAH! 
Itís been one month today since I moved. The boys are loving it. Isaiah asked God last Saturday for money for his bedroom set (childlike faith!).
GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I continue to pass the messages on to my friends and family! I love spreading your messages. You uplift and encourage so many of us! When you come back to Maryland to do a seminar, I am going to get as many of my sisters and sisterfriends to attend! I thank you for encouraging me and sharing your prayer with me, which gave me the courage to step out in faith. I am now sharing and listening to your MONEY/ABUNDANCE VIDEO affirmations with my family and friends!!!! You can share my testimony! You are an amazing servant of GOD!" ~ Denise S (Maryland)

I was praying for a house..looked up a prayer because folks tried to tell me I can't pray for a house. I knew better, so I googled it. That's where I found Jewel. I prayed the house prayer and five months later, we purchased our house!! It seemed impossible for us because of our finances, but God gave me a job and the house of our dreams..enough room for our family of five and four dogs:) I want to thank you for your ministry, and will be praying a lot more about everything! ` Malinda (Colorado) June 2016

 Jewel, I prayed your on-line NEW HOME PRAYER almost everyday since March 2014. And it worked!!! We just moved in to our brand new house 5beds/4baths, last week. Thank you so much. Life's been better, and we are also financially stable, bills are getting paid on time and in full. Thank you for all your help and prayers every time I need you. May God bless you more. Love you! ~ Leilani