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     Taylor's high-impact keynotes and workshops are empowering, effective, electric, engaging, informative and memorable.   Taylor, aka "the Self-esteem Dr.", is a trailblazer, connector, author, dynamic communicator, high impact teacher, transformational leader, spiritual light, messenger of hope and a life coach.  This "emotional intelligence" trainer is an awakening force and a wise, clear voice in the sea of personal development speakers.  Jewel nourishes the human spirit and elevates the mind by inspiring others to transform their; procrastination into action, low self-esteem into confidence, goals into reality, setbacks into resiliency, emotional pain into wellness and fears into faith.

    Jewel Diamond Taylor kicked the glass ceiling in the late 80's as one of the first women of color to grace stages cross the country as a motivational speaker.

      She has been invited to speak and teach in 34 of the 50 United States, London, Brazil, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, St. Kitts, Cancun and the list goes on. 

     Taylor has created a legacy of impact and inspiration as a guest speaker at the Pentagon and prisons, corporate America, military bases, colleges, FDIC, EPA, CIA, DEA, community organizations, retreats and churches,  Jewel Diamond Taylor presents "taylor-made" messages which plants seeds of greatness, inspiration, knowledge, faith, empowerment and encouragement for men, women and youth.  Taylor is a spiritual seeker of God's wisdom, a faith increaser, a life coach for women across the nation, author of 7 life changing books, an ordained Elder in the body of Christ, Founder of Women on the Grow Ministry, frequent radio guest, wife and mother of 2 sons.



.  Diamonds in the Rough:  Creating stability, sobriety, serenity, faith and emotional fitness

.  Pearls of Wisdom: Developing Personal Excellence, Progress, Peace, Priorities and Faith

.  Precious Jewels of Knowledge: Faith, Relationships and Self-esteem

. GEMS: Growth Encouragement Motivation Success - Inspiration to adapt, survive and succeed in the midst of changing times

.  Polish Your Talents, Gifts and Anointing -  Developing your signature strengths, dreams and life purpose















In 1985 Jewel kicked the glass ceiling and broke ground as one of the first female African American motivational speakers.  Taylor shines in a ministry of encouragement and empowerment.   Men and women are encouraged to grow beyond their obstacles, procrastination, past adversity, addictions and fears.   Jewel's keynote and workshop presentations trains, transforms and teaches others how to rewire their internal responses optimally to be emotionally resilient ---  to excel, enjoy and endure life changes.  This dynamic Christian leader, voice and vessel inspires others to recover from adversity, uncover strengths and discover the knowledge and purpose  that is already in one's soul.   


       In 1985, Jewel Diamond Taylor quit her Human Resources job in the aerospace industry in Southern California as a leap of faith to begin her public speaking career.  Letters, calls, e-mails, evaluation forms and multiple return invitations to speak for the same organizations report that....Jewel Diamond Taylor's keynote, workshop and retreat presentations are positively life transforming.  


      Corporations, conferences, churches, campuses and individuals share how they have been inspired, closed minds have opened, stress is reduced, hearts have healed, productivity has increased, team and organizational morale boosted, dreams and goals are fulfilled, the lost and wounded experienced spiritual restoration and self esteem and communication are enriched from learning Jewel's pearls of wisdom.

Lady Diamond's mother did not survive her battle with breast cancer, so Jewel is dedicated to speaking into the lives of women about their health, self-esteem, stress and healing the grief from loss.  This cutting edge and multi-faceted messenger shines with hope, empowerment,  encouragement and educational insights.  Jewel aka "The Minister of Motivation" and “The Self-esteem Dr.” is an emotional and motivational compass directing countless men, women and youth towards their potential and possibilities for personal growth, success and peace. Taylor's teaching style promotes wellness, success and inner peace by acknowledging the profound connection of one's spirit-mind-body and emotions.

      This seasoned and energizing speaker connects to the audience quickly speaking to the relevant themes of life with a fresh voice and perspective blending wisdom, wit, depth and compassion for our human struggle to achieve success and balanced living.   Jewel’s dynamic no-nonsense style empowers people and strengthens organizations.  Taylor’s message inspires her audience to learn how to cope, survive and thrive in this ever changing world allowing them to add value to their family, community and the organization they serve.

     Taylor, aka "The Self-esteem Dr.,  received her education in Psychology from California State University Dominguez Hills.      Since 1984 her passion, excellence and messages for successful living have  stimulated the minds, hearts, and actions of  men, women and youth to cope with  adversity and achieve success in their  personal, professional and spiritual lives.  Jewel is the founder of the Women on the  Grow, Super Goal Saturday Motivational  Seminars, the Don't Give Up Conference and Women's Paragon Leadership Training Series.  Jewel inspires and imparts a strong word for women on the topic of the "Many Faces of Eve" and "Women's 7 Dimensions of Living, Loving and Leading."

       This success life coach is a Washington D. C. native, born to a gemologist, now resides in Southern California with her family.   She is married to John Taylor with two adult sons.   Her church home is Imani Christian Temple in Pomona, CA.

     Jewel Diamond Taylor is the author of the popular books:  

.  Success Gems

.  Sisterfriends

.  You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed

.  The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing the MAIN THING!

.   Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain With You: Desperation is a Terrible Perfume to Wear

.   I'm Tired...But Still Inspired to Press On 

.   Wisdom for Women

Taylor is the author of the popular black history poem written in 1987 "I'm Not Giving My Black Back" included in her book Sisterfriends

      Many awards of recognition have been bestowed upon  this popular forerunner in the human potential movement.    The Self-esteem Dr. has empowered millions nationally and internationally in recovery facilities, college campuses, conferences, churches, government agencies and corporations.


     Minister Taylor is a frequent invited guest speaker for many Sunday Service Sermons, women's day programs and women's retreats.  Jewel, aka The Self-esteem Dr. is a popular invited speaker for women's retreats, conferences, breakfasts, counseling and workshops.  Her experience has a wife, mother, sister, counselor, minister and daughter who lost her mother to breast cancer and she recently lost her 38 yr old son to cancer...Jewel knows how to travel the map of a woman's soul.

     Taylor brings a message of hope, deliverance, love and faith within and outside the church walls.   "Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you, and she will watch over you.  Wisdom is supreme, therefore, get wisdom.  Though it cost you all you have, get understanding." ~ Proverb 4:6-7    "I pray that you ... may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."~ Ephesians 3:17-19

If you are planning a wedding or a women's retreat (in the mountains, hotel, cruise or resort) Jewel Diamond Taylor has over 25 years experience of facilitating one day or weekend retreats as a guest speaker and/or teaching and planning the activities for your entire retreat.

Taylor's articles have been in the Black Enterprise, Essence and Jet Magazines.  She has been a contributing columnist for many magazines and web sites.


To inquire about speaker availability and rate call 323.964.1736 or e-mail Jewelmotivates@gmail.com or Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net


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