Angels Watching Over You by Jewel Diamond Taylor



Angels are around you.  Appointed angels follow you.

When you cross the street or traveling on the road,

watching over you at work and as you carry your heavy load,

in the classroom, court room, board room or in the hospital bed,

when you fight temptation, anger and persecution,

when you are going through the valley,

when you're feeling lost, forgotten and your way you cannot see,

when you're feeling alone and not feeling fine,

when you're in the airport, store, the bank or unemployment line,

as you provide for your family and helping others without,

when you're feeling scared, worried or have doubt, 

when times are good or not the best, your angels are not far from

you or your loved ones hovering around and above. 

listen to hear their gentle whispers saying...

             "You are covered.  You are blessed and loved."

                                                                  ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor

With over three hundred scriptural references,

these celestial servants occupy an unquestioned role in the Bible.

If you believe in God's Word, you've got to believe in angels.

If your spiritual eyes would open... Moms and dads, you'd see angels

escorting your child to school. Travelers... you'd see angels encircling

the airplane.  Patients... you'd see angels monitoring the moves of the surgeon, and to those who grieve... you would see angels sent to comfort you.

The heavens are telling of God and His glory.
Oh, what a mighty God we serve.

The Angels bow before Him.
Heaven and earth adore Him.

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